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Graphic Facilitation

What Steve Jobs (Apple) and Mark Parker (Nike) have in common? Both used Graphic Recording wich translates visions, content, expressions and ideas into images that clearly show the way to the future goals.

Since 2010 we visualize strategies, reports and processes with Graphic Recording.

By drawing up an organization’s vision and workshop, it creates a roadmap to help everyone see the same facts and challenges.

Graphic Recording shows a clear connection between creativity and increased productivity and results.

Our Graphic Recorders and facilitators are not just artists and illustrators but are also familiar within organization, service and business development.

We hold Creative Workshops and Courses

Our Production includes Communications, Storytelling & Manuscript, Print and Motion



Use the picture and the graphic translation of a market-analysis, brand-management or business-report to achieve results in a fun and creative way.

When a moderator or a business-leader communicates with the group and gets feedback a picture emerges, for everyone to understand and relate to. This is a smart and fun way to increase both productivity and understanding during a workshop, while employees gets more involved in the conversation. With Graphic Recording and visualization of the conversation also caughts up ideas and thoughts that otherwise usually "falls between the cracks".
With you, we design a workshop for your needs and purposes. Maybe it's a complete picture of your organization or a comprehensive action plan required to achieve goals. Let us take part of your aims and together we create the best conditions for a memorable workshop.
Increase productivity and understanding in the group!
By visualizing a complex business process to a road map we help everyone in a group to understand and see the same whole. Our visual performance of selected communication has both an artistic and commercial balance to adapt for example a branding or a HR projects.
The illustrated results can be complementary, but can also be used as an overall summary.

All projects and documentation are unique and require different studies. In many cases, companies have the most insights needed and a complete vision of what to be communicated. Sometimes it is also required additional studies and analyzes in order to get the correct information for a business process or workshop. We help you develop a complete basis through data-driven insights, qualitative studies and a recommendation on action. Together with partners and specialists, we work with your specific goals and problem solving. Finally, we develop a visual basis before a workshop that both suits your goals and what the project should achieve.

After the workshop we can deliver a record of the process work and the graphical result in different forms depending on the assignment, presentation and objective. Documentation can be converted into a book, an internal briefing campaign or E-learning to educate and raise employees' skills.

Group up to 50 persons

  • 1. Workshop and Visualization

    of completed business process with Graphic Recorder and facilitation

    Selection of documentation


    2. Workshop and Visualization

    of documentation and report

    Selection of studies for tea x brand management and digital data

    with Graphic Recorder and facilitation

    Selection of documentation


    3. Workshop and Visualization

    Inspiration and visionary work with Graphic Recorder and facilitation

    Selection of Documentationn

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Live presentation thru a enhanced vivid performance.

We have expressed Graphic Recording live on stage and conferences since we started our business.
The growing need to in a playful and inspiring new ways to present their organization, their content for professionals, media and businesses has remained constant. To see how it is drawn in parallel with what lectured and spoken gives participants a unique experience.

Most speakers rhetoric based on a logic and reinforced with a root image information in the memory of the listener further steps. The event's dimension is shaped by what you want to create and our presentation is based on the mission and ambition, only to then shaped. It can be a complement to a PP presentation but is clearly the strongest stand-alone!

Being able to interact with the event's participants through the image and the room will create a strong harmony between speaker and audience. The event's live performance can be repeated in advance, but even performed live where a more "free" artistic achievement is presented.

Group up to 300 persons

  • 1. Live Performance GR small


    2. Live performance GR large


    3. Live Performance GR extended

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We print out your Roadmap to hang in the office, or we can summarize your content in a video.

Motion / videos

We motion-produce your content and your visions on film for use internally or externally. What you need to communicate and clarify, we turned in our process, performance and presentation mindset.
Graphic Recording of videos can simplify and explain the "content" of a hard-hitting style.
We offer both documentation and live performance videos of our Graphic Recorders on stage.



“Graphic Recorder have in a fantastic way helped us to implement both large and creative visions with 100 people to small critical strategy workshops with 5. The way they have opened participants minds and captured ideas by visualizing them is unmatched. They are at the same time multiplier and timesaver. ”

Erik Bergström Partner Bigfish Communications AB


Situational Picture – your corporate culture illustrated in a current status image
Value Proposition – catch your customers’ needs in a core value perspective
Co-creation – a visual development-process to together with your customer see your development
Vision Workshop – graphically capture the vision of the future
Personas – to develop the image of your target audiences and their properties
Sell Workshop – a creative common vision
Product Development – visualize new products
Campaignbreif – visualize visions and challenges
Organization Mindmap – show how your organization really looks like and are interrelated
Collaboration Issues – see synergies, impact and objectives
Team Building – exercises that strengthen the group
Business Planning – visualize operations and annual directions


We transform your ideas into images.

Graphic Recording is a concept that increases productivity during meetings in every conceivable work in a group. Our employees visualize in real-time all the thoughts, ideas and visions expressed by combining images and texts in a creative way. By providing clear and simple methodology wich highlights the direct what shows connections and possibilities from the group's ideas and conversations.

A Graphic Recorder is a visual translator that transmits phrases, expressions and facts to images. Colors, shapes and lines contribute to the final image of the workshop's objectives and work. The recorder is in a hyper-listening condition and filters out unnecessary words and visualizes the very essence of what is being said.

Expressions and metaphors gathers in to be translated into strong icons and drawings. Finally everything facilitates together into an overall picture. Graphic Recording is a knowledge-tool to be used in groups and meetings to context and to communicate with, but also to achieve further results.

Our team of Graphic Recorders works with a set of simple "lowtech" gear, large paper, pens and whiteboards. Together with you we start going through the content to support or lead discussions you want to reach with your employees, customers and organisation.

The team of Graphic Recorders consists of creative, professional animators, graffiti-artists and cartoonists who create creative images on solutions for achieving client-objectives and facilitate understanding of projects and assignments.

Senior Recorder and facilitator Emilio Mille Carrasco has with a background in classical art-schools and in graffiti-art and photography developed to work profesionally in the art and design-field. The transition to facilitate and illustrate for companies in the media and communication-industry has therefore been the natural progress after a solid entrepreneurship.

2010 he was headhunted by Ericsson as a Graphic Recorder to visualize workshop-concept Inno-Vision with operators worldwide. In recent years, he has created a name as a Graphic Recorder and facilitator through partnerships with even more organisations and actors.
Other Graphic Recorders of the team is handpicked artists who have experience and training in the art-fields. Co-workers are adepts wich are well-oriented in media and communication.

Project-management and public-relations issues responds Per Sandström, who worked in the event-field with a background in marketing.

Motion and film-producer Vladimir Carrasco, brother to Emilio with long experience and background from the music-industry, parts up in our post-productions. With his knowledge and experience in the script and film-making, have been an obvious co-worker for the production of our films. Storytelling and TV series- is Vladimir's main focuses in his film-making.


Say hi, drop a line! Please ask us questions about graphic recording, facilitating and visualization in general.

Evald Roos New Business

Emilio Carrasco Founder & Senior Graphic Recorder


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